OpenSAFELY Service Restoration Observatory Key Measures of Primary Care Activity During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on delivery of NHS care. We have developed the OpenSAFELY Service Restoration Observatory (SRO) to describe this impact on primary care activity and monitor its recovery. This report describes changes in activity throughout the pandemic for 11 key measures of primary care activity, selected in collaboration with a clinical advisory group considering the following criteria: high volume usage, clinically relevant to front-line practice and whether they are more widely indicative of other problems in service delivery across the NHS.
Louis Fisher, Helen J. Curtis, Richard Croker, Milan Wiedemann, Victoria Speed, Christopher Wood, Andrew Brown, Lisa EM Hopcroft, Rose Higgins, Jon Massey, Peter Inglesby, Caroline E. Morton, Alex J. Walker, Jessica Morley, Amir Mehrkar, Seb Bacon, George Hickman, Orla Macdonald, Tom Lewis, Marion Wood, Martin Myers, Miriam Samuel, Robin Conibere, Wasim Baqir, Harpreet Sood, Charles Drury, Kiren Collison, Chris Bates, David Evans, Iain Dillingham, Tom Ward, Simon Davy, Rebecca M. Smith, William Hulme, Amelia Green, John Parry, Frank Hester, Sam Harper, Jonathan Cockburn, Shaun O'Hanlon, Alex Eavis, Richard Jarvis, Dima Avramov, Paul Griffiths, Aaron Fowles, Nasreen Parkes, Brian MacKenna, Ben Goldacre
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First published
10 May 2021
Last released
26 Oct 2022