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Vaccine coverage index

An index page collating all COVID-19 vaccination coverage reports in England, based on the population of 23.4m people registered with practices that use TPP SystmOne software. UPDATE: we are no longer updating these reports on a regular basis. If you do rely on these reports and data releases in your own work, please get in touch at the email address below.
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First published
16 Feb 2022
Last released
17 Aug 2022

OpenSAFELY COVID Vaccine Coverage

OpenSAFELY is a new secure analytics platform for electronic patient records built on behalf of NHS England to deliver urgent academic and operational research during the pandemic.

Since December 2020 we have provided regular reporting of COVID vaccination coverage in England, adding functionality and content in response to developments during the pandemic. Our analysis uses data from 40% of general practices that use TPP electronic health record software. The data requires careful interpretation and there are a number of caveats. Please read the full detail about our methods and discussion of our earlier results as of 17 March 2021) in our paper available here.

The full analytical methods behind the latest results in this report are available here.

Update: Our vaccine reports are no longer being updated. If you rely on more regular data updates for your own reporting or analysis please contact to let us know.

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